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Dungeons & Dragons

The mimic is a shapeshifting creature, capable of taking the form of inanimate objects, such as chests and doors. The mimic uses this feature to lure prey close. As such the form, and apparent contents, of the mimic is often chosen in acordance with it's targeted prey. A would-be adventurer might find a bulging treasure chest, proceed to open it, and find that the gold inside is changing into a writhing mess of tongue and teeth. The size and abilities of mimics vary to some degree. Some are covered in an adhesive substance, ensuring a swift death for careless looters. Most live underground or in dungeons. Some variations are cooperative and even friendly when offered food.

Source[edit | edit source]

The mimic is a creature from the D&D universe. It first appeared in the original Monster Manual.

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Mimics appear in the following media:

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